Ernie Brooks

Ernie Brooks

“To improvise is to fight against stupidity.”

— Jean-Francois Pauvros

You may recognize Ernie Brooks from the Modern Lovers, one of the great proto-punk albums of all-time released in 1976. This is just one highlight in Ernie’s career… he has performed with some of the real music legends — Jerry Harrison, New York Dolls… even Allen Ginsberg. He has also performed or recorded with so many others: Gods and Monsters, Ed Tomney, Randy Gunn, Jesse Chamberlain Chris Spedding and on and on.

Arthur Russell and Elliott Murphy nurtured Ernie’s songwriting skills (separately) and their influence remains intact today, after a dozen records and countless tours. Apparantly, his limits are boundaryless — recording and performing with David Johansen, Peter Gordon’s “Love of Life Orchestra” and minimalist composer Rhys Chatham’s ensemble, which later expanded to a 100 guitar orchestra.

Ernie regrouped with Jerry Harrison in the eighties for his Casual Gods albums, touring with Chris Spedding, Bernie Worrell and Joyce Bowden. He then moved to France where he worked with Elliott Rhys, Tony Truant and free-jazz grunge guitarist Jean Francoid Pauvros.

He currently lives in New York and often performs with Gods and Monsters and various formations with trombone wizard Peter Zummo. Ernie plans to release his album with Moon Caravan Records in the spring of 2018.

Ernie Brooks – bass, vocals

Moby Grape, Country Joe and the Fish, Phil Ochs, Peter Paul & Mary, The Seeds, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, W. B. Yeats, Dylan Thomas, Robery Creeley
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