A lot of Joyce's songs are quiet reflections on the nature of music in the everyday experience of living: observation and the mirror of desire, inspired by her work with the late cellist Arthur Russell.

At 17, Joyce went to New York City to record with the Shamanic singer Gabrielle Roth and later on with Ernie Brooks and Arthur Russell on material from their Flying Hearts period. In the Summer of 1990 she toured with Jerry Harrison and the Casual Gods on a double bill with the Ramones. Joey ended up becoming a really good friend and when they returned to New York, she sang with him for awhile as a part of his side group The Resistance. There were vocal additions to other folk's work, including David Byrne's "Uh Oh" album (www.davidbyrne.com), the Tom Tom Club's "Dark Sneak Love action," the two Casual Gods' releases, and a bunch of stuff with Arthur Russell. Since coming to Raleigh, North Carolina, she has worked with Stephen Ineson and Lee Kirby in the Milagro Saints. She plays with the band Arthur's Landing as well as Recent Memory and the Goodnight Graces.

This solo release was produced by Rick Lassiter. These are the musicians on the self-titled Jolei release:

Joyce Bowden -- Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Rick Lassiter -- Guitars, Bass, Drums
Richard Bowden - Violin
Mahlon Hoard -- Tenor Saxophone
Lee Kirby -- Organ
Jack Bowden -- Banjo
Francis Dyer -- Percussion and Drums
Bryan McCune -- Cornet
Ed Butler -- Drums
Karen Kletter -- Backing Vocals
Cherie Lassiter -- Backing Vocals