Milton: Scenes From the Interior
Nowadays, it seems, industry magazines and record company ads tout a new act every week as music’s new this, rock’s coming that, or the return of the American so on and so forth. Not as nearly as often does an artist emerge who might actually be onto something. Fitting rather happily into this latter category is a young songwriter from New York named Milton.

Milton’s songs paint vivid moving pictures of American life using elements of country, blues, folk, rock and jazz music. And while the melodies of his compositions are adeptly constructed, the individual character of his singing voice and the distinctive idiom of his lyrics take Milton’s music into truly original territory. In his live act, Milt, the composer becomes a performer of calm assurance and warm, spontaneous energy that further builds his stature on the contemporary scene.

Who is Milton? All sources indicate that Milton came out of the American suburbs and traded his last name for a guitar at the same pawn shop where Beck, Prince and Pigpen got their instruments. He turned up a few years ago playing engagements in various cities of the interior before relocating permanently to New York.

Meet Milton and you will meet a tall, bookish optimist, who will tell you about the "heavy" new group that he heard in a club last night and the old folk recording that he listened to this morning with equal enthusiasm. Indeed Milton has much to be enthusiastic and optimistic about. He has curated an exposition of some very fine ‘scenes’ that are currently on display in the form of this album.

-- Mark Withacy, The Village Reader

New York native Marc Rosenthal, aka Milt, has been playing and recording since early high school days. His first band was the New York funk band Bad Moustache and his first acoustic gigs were opening for friend G-Love in Saratoga Springs, NY.

After touring and recording through the Midwest and Chicago in the late nineties, he moved back to New York to join Manhattan Heroes, an electric post punk pop band. Milt has been playing in New York clubs and touring and recording with NY luminaries ever since.

MiltonMarc Rosenthal

Current Moon Caravan Release features:
Rick Lassiter – Bass
Ed Butler – Drums
Mahlon Hoard – Reeds
Joyce Bowden – Backup Vocals
Lee Kirby – Hammond Organ