"Midnight America"
Milagro Saints (Moon Caravan CD)
by Zach Hanner
The smoke rises off the grill as glasses clink and conversations ebb and flow. If ever there were a record made for a warm summer evening cookout, it just might be this new release by the Milagro Saints. Raising the standard of modern folk rock, the trio of S.D. Ineson, Joyce Bowden and Lee Kirby fulfill the promise set forth on their first album with Midnight Caravan, their second release… (read more)

Milagro Saints at Dream Away Lodge, Aug. 21, 1998
by Seth Rogovoy
(BECKET, Mass., Aug. 22, 1998) — It was a perfect combination of artist and venue on Friday night, when the Raleigh, N.C.-based quintet Milagro Saints brought its singular brand of catchy, mystical folk-rock to the mystique-laden Dream Away Lodge. (read more)