We’re looking forward to the release of Ernie Brook‘s  new album.  He’s been the bass player in the Modern Lovers, the Casual Gods with Jerry Harrison, Gary Lucas’ Gods and Monsters and Bear 54, Glad he’s opening the door to what he’s been keeping to himself all these years with this release of the beautiful songs of poetic vision.

Milagro Saints are now in process of mixing their newest release ‘Signs’. Watch for a release date in early spring.

Bear 54 have been recording at Seaside in Brooklyn.   They continue to make new recordings of Arthur Russell songs as well as originals.  Their promising long-awaited album release should arrive in the summer of 2018. Watch Howl Gallery listings in the city where Bear 54 can often be sighted.  Peter Zummo‘s solo record ‘Dress Code’ was done in collaboration with fellow members of Bear 54 and he is currently touring in Europe for that.

deerfrance is one of the mysterious wonders of the world and continues to write and record.  Her cd Extra Virgin Mary has please audiences the world over and we expect to have something new from her soon.

Joyce Bowden is studying metaphysics of Daoist Stone medicine in order to let the music float in between breaths.  We hope she’ll have a group of unheard songs produced by Arthur Russell (that he wrote for her to sing) next year.  Finally, we say.

Peter Zummo and Cargo Skirt are thinking about their next move.



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