The inspiration for most of the jolei work came from late cellist and friend Arthur Russell. (see:,,, I always think of how Arthur would have played his cello with the songs on this cd, and I’m pretty sure he was in the room as they were being recorded. It was recorded at Circle Sound in North Carolina. There were states of conscious and subconscious love that found their way into the sonic landscape built by producer and bass player Rick Lassiter.

Arthur was a big influence and was a wholly wonderful sweet soul, fiercely stalwart in his originality and musical integrity. I think he would intend it to be the seed that enters your soul on your way back home.

Hi. This is me. For awhile in the early nineties I was in a band with Joey Ramone called the Resistance. For awhile I didn’t think there were any recordings of the band, but I think there’s a clip of the band at a Jerry Brown rally in 1992 on YouTube now. We were best friends for awhile. Joey was a musical and comedic genius, and had a really original mind.
It was a lot of fun being a back-up singer with the Casual Gods, which was Jerry Harrison’s solo group with Ernie Brooks. I enjoyed being around such amazing musicians, also Bernie Worrell, Chris Spedding, David Byrne and Chris and Tina of the Tom Tom Club ( ( and . ( Gabrielle Roth,( North Carolina I got to do some stuff with Steven Ineson, Lee Kirby, and the Milagro Saints (, and the Jack Frost Nippers with Mahlon Hoard, Dana Chell and Rick Lassiter.

All the musicians who put their time and ideas into the jolei cd are amazing, and I feel really grateful to them, and of course to my friend Rick Lassiter (, who is responsible for the way this cd sounds.

Thank for visiting. I wish you the best of everything on your own journey here.


Musicians: Rick Lassiter(stand-up bass, guitars, piano), Lee Kirby(organ), Francis Dyer(drums, percussion), Richard Bowden(violin), Mahlon Hoard(soprano sax), Jack Bowden(banjo), Bryan McCune(cornet), Karen Kletter and Cherie Lassiter(backing vocals), Ed Butler(drums), Joyce Bowden (vocals)