Goodnight Graces Winterbourne Sessions

winterbourne: a stream that only runs in the winter

Acoustic songs to sooth the soul through the cold Winter months. This recording shares the captures quieter, darker beauty of the holiday season for year-round listening. Featuring Joyce Bowden and Rick Lassiter.

Joyce Bowden: vocal, clarinet, guitar, harp, concertina, woodflute
Rick Lassiter: double bass, vocal, guitar, harmonium, zither
Jan Johansson: mandolin, violin, guitar
Susan Wagner: violin, bells
Fran Dyer: drums, percussion

The winterbourne recording sessions were conceived out of the desire to express the dark and quiet
beauty of Winter. Sometimes the music looks out the window from the warmth of the hearth, at times it
ventures out to stand in the snow. With that, it reflects a longing for home reminiscent of the yeaning
spirit that surrounds us during the cold months, especially during the holidays.